"When a raft full of people is plunging through rapids, it is vital that every oar and every person is actively contributing to every turn."

- Dr. Charles A. Montorio-Archer

Dr. Charles A. Montorio-Archer, ESQ., MPA

Advocate | Nonprofit Leader | Speaker | Author

Dr. Charles A. Montorio-Archer is a lawyer, author, speaker, adviser, entrepreneur and researcher, the co-Founder and former CEO of The THRIVE Network, and now the President and CEO of One Hope United.

One Hope United is a multi-state nonprofit, operating in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin, that creates opportunities for children and families to live life without limits by providing early education, foster care, adoption, counseling, residential and other support services.

His enthusiasm about advocacy, community development, business sustainability and policy reform has led him to receive a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Public Policy. He has successfully maneuvered the delicate balance between dedication to mission, the need for bold entrepreneurial initiatives, and the application of sound business management. He is now bringing this tenacity to a broader agenda that integrates ideals, leadership, governance and policy.

Montorio-Archers’ third book, Everybody Paddles: A Leaders Blueprint for Creating A Unified Team, is an international best seller providing a management model focused on reaching strategic alignment and accelerating organizational change through respect, collaboration and leadership.

In addition to his service on countless Boards, Montorio-Archer presented two TEDx Talks entitled “The Friendship Clause” and “IDENTITYphobia,” remains a Forbes and Huffington Post contributor and has been featured on television, radio, print and other media outlets.


Dr. Charles A. Montario Archer Video
Dr. Charles A. Montario Archer Video
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